Just Write

Just write…That is where my mind is starting….unwind, let the words flow..

My heart hurts, because my dreams arent dying…but everything can’t always go

as planned.

Just write, let the tears consume your page…be tired, and let your words refrain

Im not going to give up, ’cause the mountains make me disillusioned

I will not turn back, and give up on my brain.

Just write, about why you love your purpose…

just write, about the things it is you know

Your heart is true and kind and loving….Just write it, ’cause it’s so.

Feelin’ Ugly…

I am feeling so ugly… I feel unauthentic, and overweight, and like between my obvious lack in tone and trimness, and my extreme fatigue, I want to act as ugly as I feel…and its not fair…not to me, and not to others. I am  just over it… I have too much on my plate at every meal, and every moment in between.  Where is this girl?10001111_629187490485556_952823161_o


Fantastic memories

Are cherished beyond words

Like the changing of seasons

Like the chirping of birds.

I sit in dismay

So grateful for

How far I’ve come

Now that I’m here, carving

Eyes in my pumpkin

Summer is gone, and it’s time for cheer

Smiles and joy ,Grinning ear to ear!

I am worried, I have so much family in the middle of Mathew!!! Pray with me please, if you pray!

Potentially Catastrophic Hurricane Strike With ‘Sandy-Like’ Storm Surge For Parts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina; Matthew’s Eyewall Currently Pounding Freeport in Northwest Bahamas @weatherchannel https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/hurricane-matthew-bahamas-florida-georgia-carolinas-forecast?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&cm_ven=Facebook&cm_cat=www.facebook.com&cm_pla=fb_feed&cm_ite=fb_social_rec&fb_ref=ls_share&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&cm_ven=Twitter&cm_cat=www.twitter.com&cm_pla=tw_feed&cm_ite=tw_social_tweet

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I am always very sternly attached to my look, and sensitive about it…as I only have one picture from my brain surgery…of the half bald Cyclops of a girl I was who cried and begged to keep some of my hair…so people would know I was a girl…I never venture outside of dark brown and black hair…I’m very attached to this thought of being snow white in a far off fantasy land…but…as I have hit two milestones this year 25 years a survivor and 35 years old.. I decided to try my favorite color..red as a hair color…and so it took 6 attempts for me to conclude that hair is hair…but what really solidified that was my husband’s reaction…he said to me this …and I quote ” I would dance with you bald on Broadway, at noon on Saturday”…Red…what’s Red? The color of love…hair today, gone tomorrow!

Guardian Angels Among Us

I believe butterflies are guardian angels. I think their delicate beauty and timely power is a reminder of the magic God provides in existence to thread the mundane together and give value to the otherwise unimportant…this weekend…my husband took me to a butterfly release and it was beautiful…but I was worried about them getting injured…I enjoyed this immensely, as the only kind released were the irredescent blue morphos…I was in awe…my heart fluttered at their beauty as I watched them share my wine with me…I was so honored to be graced by their magic.